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O is for Over…

I seriously couldn't wait until the adoption was finalized and over.  I had the worst experience with my agency in Wisconsin but an amazing experience with the adoptive parent’s home state adoption agency.   I was OVER having to deal with my counselor in Wisconsin, all she did was complain about extra paperwork that was… Continue reading O is for Over…

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M is for Michelle….

I am thirty-six years old and originally from Chicago. I currently reside in Wisconsin with her two children, ages twelve and sixteen years old and husband of almost two years. I am also a birth mother of one sweet boy who just turned three years old in August of this year.   In 2014, at the age of thirty-three, I found herself pregnant from an abusive boyfriend… Continue reading M is for Michelle….

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​ K is for Knockdown….

     For three years, I was always knocked down by a man I thought would change, a man who I tried so hard to change, a man the just kept hurting me over and over again.  For three years, I live quietly in an abusive relationship until it came to light on that February… Continue reading ​ K is for Knockdown….

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J is for Jealous…

     I AM FILLED WITH JEALOUSY!       I am jealous of all those Mom's that parent their children, I am jealous of those parents that are just parents and not birth parents.  YES- I am a parent but when you're a parent and then place A child for adoption your world is different. … Continue reading J is for Jealous…

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I is for Isolation….

     Throughout my pregnancy and post-pregnancy, I kept myself in isolation. I went one complete year without saying a word to anyone that was not in my everyday life or within my inner circle.      I was three months along in my pregnancy on Easter of 2014 when I decided to break one… Continue reading I is for Isolation….

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G is for Giving…..

I was given a Giving Key by my son's adoptive parents when they came to the hospital and met him for the first time.  Baby B was placed into the arms of one his parents by mom mom and I placed the key around my neck.  I gave them a family but they gave me… Continue reading G is for Giving…..