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T is for Tattoo…

On my 36th birthday, I went and got the tattoo that meant so much to me during my adoption process and postplacement. Everyone would always ask my most hated question "How are you?" AndI would respond "I'm FINE" when honestly I was not fine one bit. I wanted to scream SAVE ME! I mean how… Continue reading T is for Tattoo…

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Q is for Quick…..

     Adoption is not a QUICK process or at least mine was not QUICK.  My timeline is as followed: Finding a family (2/26/14 to 4/8/14) Officially matched (5/14) Met my adoptive parents in person (7/14) Open adoption plan (end of 7/14) Our hospital plan (8/14) Birth (8/14) 24 hours in the hospital (8/14) Voluntary… Continue reading Q is for Quick…..

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M is for Michelle….

I am thirty-six years old and originally from Chicago. I currently reside in Wisconsin with her two children, ages twelve and sixteen years old and husband of almost two years. I am also a birth mother of one sweet boy who just turned three years old in August of this year.   In 2014, at the age of thirty-three, I found herself pregnant from an abusive boyfriend… Continue reading M is for Michelle….

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G is for Giving…..

I was given a Giving Key by my son's adoptive parents when they came to the hospital and met him for the first time.  Baby B was placed into the arms of one his parents by mom mom and I placed the key around my neck.  I gave them a family but they gave me… Continue reading G is for Giving…..

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Silence Has Been A Gift

I have been silent as I have been unmotivated to write and wanted to focus on myself, my kids, my husband and my professional career.  My silence has been a gift and has helped me refocus on what is important. While I been silent, I was still living a busy yet rewarding last few months.… Continue reading Silence Has Been A Gift

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Twist and Turns—The Epic Ending

The Epic Ending      In August of 2016 I graduated with my degree in Business Management.  I achieved this while being a single mom, working full time and healing from my past.  The day I finally received my ending GPA, I might have gloated a little on Facebook. I was proud of what I just… Continue reading Twist and Turns—The Epic Ending