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Q is for Quick…..

     Adoption is not a QUICK process or at least mine was not QUICK.  My timeline is as followed: Finding a family (2/26/14 to 4/8/14) Officially matched (5/14) Met my adoptive parents in person (7/14) Open adoption plan (end of 7/14) Our hospital plan (8/14) Birth (8/14) 24 hours in the hospital (8/14) Voluntary… Continue reading Q is for Quick…..

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I is for Isolation….

     Throughout my pregnancy and post-pregnancy, I kept myself in isolation. I went one complete year without saying a word to anyone that was not in my everyday life or within my inner circle.      I was three months along in my pregnancy on Easter of 2014 when I decided to break one… Continue reading I is for Isolation….

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F is for Fallon​

Fallon was born in May 2017 almost two and a half year after B was born.  I from the time B was born till Fallon was born never opened my heart to an infant because I was afraid to love a baby.  That all changed when I held her for the first time, from that… Continue reading F is for Fallon​

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A is for Austin…..

     Austin is currently 16 years old and when I choose an adoption plan he was just about to turn 13 years old.  I have put him through more life events than one may ever experience and it all happened by the age of 13.  When he was 6 years old, I got divorced… Continue reading A is for Austin…..

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Silence Has Been A Gift

I have been silent as I have been unmotivated to write and wanted to focus on myself, my kids, my husband and my professional career.  My silence has been a gift and has helped me refocus on what is important. While I been silent, I was still living a busy yet rewarding last few months.… Continue reading Silence Has Been A Gift

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Are They The Right One’s?

When I decided on February 26, 2016 adoption was my choice for the child I was expecting I had no idea what were the next steps in this journey.  Many things were running through my head, do I find an agency or do I just google perspective family profiles.  I was destined to find the… Continue reading Are They The Right One’s?