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S is for Safety…..

On March 10, 2014, I was granted a four-year restraining order against the birth father.  I had to stay safe, I had to protect my children and unborn child, I had to protect everything and I had to be free.

It killed me inside to have to file this against him but I feared for my life, my kid’s lives and especially the unborn child’s life.  I wasn’t sure of his capabilities when he would be released from Cook County Jail and I was not wanting to find out either without this protection.

He knew of my adoption plan prior to being served the injunction and when he found out it was explosive and then agreement.  I was called every name in the book followed by a hang-up and then a letter from jail that said: “I could do whatever I wanted to with the kid.”  

I made him safe for the rest of his life even though he does have an open adoption agreement he will NEVER have the ability to hurt him.  He is safe all at the expense of my hurt, my pain but I would not change his safety for the world.

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