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O is for Over…

I seriously couldn’t wait until the adoption was finalized and over.  I had the worst experience with my agency in Wisconsin but an amazing experience with the adoptive parent’s home state adoption agency.  

I was OVER having to deal with my counselor in Wisconsin, all she did was complain about extra paperwork that was required to be filled out for the state in which the adoptive parents lived.  She even billed the adoptive parents for sitting at the courthouse reviewing notes and for having to testify in our phase one and two proceedings. 

I just was OVER her and I think she was OVER me.  My voluntary termination of parental rights hearing was in May 2014 and she was not present for it.  I believe I told her she did not have to come because I didn’t want to deal with her and I totally loved my attorney.  However, she did not even check in with me after that day and still until today I have not received any post care they said I would have.  Instead, I received a letter in the mail to tell me that she enjoyed working with me, that I was strong and caring and the real kicker; I am an excellent example of determination and fortitude for my children.  How about you actually sign the letter yourself and then send it!  I am so happy to say I never have dealt with them and am OVER the lack of care the Wisconsin agency shows it birth parents.

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