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G is for Giving…..

I was given a Giving Key by my son’s adoptive parents when they came to the hospital and met him for the first time.  Baby B was placed into the arms of one his parents by mom mom and I placed the key around my neck.  I gave them a family but they gave me a family too.  The key was carved on both sides and I wore it every day until they for birthmother’s day sent me a new one which still remains around my neck.  A lot was given when I placed B for adoption; my heart was given, my flesh and blood, tears, pain, joy and happiness but I never just gave it way.  Nothing in my eyes in adoption is given away it all comes with a decision to be one big extended family.

My first giving key said create on one side and dream on the other side.  I certainly have created a dream and will create and dream every day.

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