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F is for Fallon​

Fallon was born in May 2017 almost two and a half year after B was born.  I from the time B was born till Fallon was born never opened my heart to an infant because I was afraid to love a baby.  That all changed when I held her for the first time, from that moment on she became the light of my life.  Fallon became family and we all know, a family does not have to be blood.

When I see Chloe with Fallon, it’s true she would have made an amazing sister.  I have taken on the role of being her aunt and one day Chloe will become her second mom when she becomes a teenager.

She is my light, my saving grace and when my dark days are dark all she has to do is smile and cuddle and my world is light again.  I love you to the moon little Fallon and one day in the future Auntie will tell you exactly how much you have saved me.

#FisforFallon #Lifetimehealingadoption #photoadaychallenge #November #NationalAdoptionMonth

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