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Silence Has Been A Gift

I have been silent as I have been unmotivated to write and wanted to focus on myself, my kids, my husband and my professional career.  My silence has been a gift and has helped me refocus on what is important.

While I been silent, I was still living a busy yet rewarding last few months. Some of the highlights were: Little B turned three, Austin and Chloe started school, I did a birthmother panel about open adoption, I came to a crossroad in my professional career and marriage is WORK.

reflectingLittle B turning three was a milestone for me with being a birthmother.  It was the first birthday that I was at peace and had absolutely no tears.  I celebrated his birthday with donuts for my co-workers, going outside with my work best friend at the actually time of his birth and enjoyed a moment of silence in the car on my commute home.  After work I had dinner with Chloe with a yummy mango margarita.  The best gift of the day was our annual FaceTime date for his birthday.  It was a perfect day!

Back to school happened in the beginning of September.  Unlike most parents that take back to school pictures in the morning, I took “First day back to school back at home picture.”  b2sAustin started his junior year of high school and so far his grades are okay.  He has a few AP classes this year that he selected and we’re about to be studying for the ACT soon.  Chloe is now the little fish in the big pond as she started middle school.  I have no idea where time has gone because I swear my baby girl was just born.  She is adjusting to middle school well and is studying hard to achieve good grades.  She is back in the normal routine of dance three times a week and the occasional weekends.  In a short week, she will turn 12 years old and I am glad I have one more year before her teen years….any advice will be great!

In September, I had the opportunity through Talk About Adoption to be part of a birth mom panel featured during the Iowa Knights of Columbus Pregnancy Resource Conference.  This was my first speaking engagement and I met amazing birthmothers.  bmomsI learned that even though we placed our child for open adoption, all of our stories and experiences are different.  It’s proof not one adoption is the same as the other and that adoption is not a cookie cutter process.  I am profound by the strength we walk everyday in our journey. 

I was recently at a crossroads with my professional career and it was draining. crossroads-sign I cried for days, my body hurt, my mind hurt and I dug deep inside my soul to find my desire feeling with my career.  Once I mapped my desire feeling; the path I choose became clear.  Professional development is a work in progress and one day I will reach my true career goal but for NOW I have happiness, opportunities and a future in my direction. THE JUICE IS WORTH THE SQUEEZE!

Marriage is WORK and Communication and Listening is key to making it WORK.  I am just going to leave you with this little video to watch…….

I end this blog with –  Thank You for all the support while I was silent and for those that reached out to me about my silence.


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