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13 Reasons Why I’m Happy

I recently came across TerryMcnude’s blog post called Thirteen Reasons Why Challenge. from April 2017.  The challenge is-

Instead of the 13 reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself, (we have to move on from that) and ask ourselves, what are 13 reasons why you’re happy with your life. It could be anything, little ones, big ones, weird ones, super important ones. Make a list, 13 reasons, and then get your fellow blogger friends to do it as well.

Since I watched the Netflix’s season due to my daughter watching it before I was able to view it.  I decided to accept this challenge because I learned from my past that suicide is not the answer to your problems that lay deep beneath your soul.  I am lucky to be here today, alive and well.   

The 13 Reasons Why I’m Happy

  1. I woke up this morning!
  2. I have amazing Parents, who fully support me! 
  3. My children always seem to turn a bad day into a good day.  I have the most selfless children who are my reason to get up every morning.
  4. I am have Serenity.  
  5. My marriage is strong.
  6. I am healthy.
  7. I am a BIG TOUGH GIRL.
  8. I have an amazing open adoption.
  9. I left a bad relationship that was soul sucking. 
  10. I am blogging about my experiences and maybe one story can help someone else.  
  11. I work for an amazing company.
  12. Music!  Music makes me see life experiences differently and is influential in my everyday life.
  13. I am a college graduate. 

Will you accept this challenge?  Life is precious and can change in an instance so what are your 13 reason why you’re happy?  


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