Is it Hoarding or an Obsession………



     Is it a hoarding issue or is it an obsession with colored pens?!  I mean seriously how many colored pens can a person have at work when most of my communication is done via emails…



     Is it a hoarding issue or an obsession with stationary and notebooks?  I mean for real, does one need these many notebooks or stationary notebooks?


      Majority of my notebooks or stationary books, I use for various projects or clients.  The Ideas and Intention book is for when I had training for a housing specialist and for my client in Georgia.  The Five Star plaid notebook is for Project Management training and mentoring.  I have other Five Star notebooks that are smaller and are used just for my to-do’s.  The cute notebook with ribbons, I use for our department meetings on Wednesdays and for the social committee.  I have a really small pink glitter notebook (last one the right picture) and I use that just for a marathon client I work with.  

The Three that I don’t use but hopefully soon I will are:

  • The journal “Believe You Can and You’re Half Way There”, I have owned for awhile (2 years) and still have not found something to use it for!
  • The cute pink notebook which is a five subject and owned it for like a year if not longer!
  • The black notebook is my newest (bought today) has NEON paper!!!

     Seriously when I go to the store before work (once in a blue moon), I find myself, like TODAY buying a notebook or colored pens—-I just can’t help myself.  

     If you have a recommendation on brands of colored pens or a cute notebook or stationary, PLEASE do tell me!  I can just never have enough—So is this a hoarding or obsession?!?







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