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Where Does The Time Go……

     Last week Friday, I dropped Chloe off for her last day of Elementary School at Grewenow and realized this chapter is closing.  I remember my first day at Grewenow in 2006 with Austin and now 11 years later, I get to leave a school where teachers and staff became friends and I was content. 

     The teachers and the staff helped me when Austin was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder and ADD.  Many were my shoulder to lean on when times were rough with his behavior. Not one person turned their back on him when he was not a “nice” kid.  Okay well that’s a little lie, one teacher wasn’t so helpful with his issue’s but we trucked through it.  They molded him, loved him, made him thrive with education and made sure he grew with understanding choices of right and wrong. 

     Austin was a very smart kid and was part of the million word reading club in fifth grade. I wish he would read now like he did back in Elementary School.  He has succeeded in English Literature in High School and if only I could get him to read How to Kill a Mockingbird as it’s my FAVORITE novel.  He really enjoyed Of Mice and Men this year as a Sophomore.  I remember enjoying the novel myself as I gave him a good laugh by mimicking Lennie squeezing the mouse.  Most of all, it allowed me to have a great conversation with him around the novel. 

Austin Graduation
Million Word Reading Club Award
austin 5th grade2
Waiting for his Certification of successfully completing Fifth Grade

     When we first started at Grewenow, Chloe was only crawling and was about a month in a half from turning one years old.  They literally watched her grow up just like I watched teachers get married and have children of their own.  We all became like a family built around my children’s education.  I will never take them for granted!

     Chloe struggled in school, just like I did at her age.  Her and reading reminds me of my own hate relationship with reading.  I have faith that one day soon she will overcome her struggle.  She just has to find her niche and I am open to suggestions!  Her teachers were amazing even though every year I prayed she would have the same teachers Austin did, she just never was that lucky and I never requested them either…bummer!  

     As I sat at her 5th grade “graduation”, little did I realize she had perfect attendance for the year!  I was shocked and still think they got it wrong but Chloe reassure me “NO, MOMMA, I was there everyday and stop confusing 5th grade with 4th grade”.  Okay, I seriously should of known she had perfect attendance.

I’ll be Damned…
Waiting for her Certification of Successfully Completing Fifth Grade

     Now I think to myself, what am I going to do with having her in Middle School and at a school I was once familiar.  Austin was not social and sometime I was called by the dean for his behavior and Chloe is a social butterfly and only worried about herself.  So, if anyone has any tips on how or what I should expect from a middle school girl, please comment and send the tips my way. 

Austin my soon to be Junior and Chloe my soon to be Middle Schooler




     To the Grewenow Teachers and Staff- THANK YOU for everything you have done for my kids through the last decade+!  When people say “It takes a Village to Raise a Child” they weren’t lying as I couldn’t have survived Elementary School without you!  XOXXOO



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