Sincerely Me

As I sit here in Mid-April 2017 about a week and half after turning 36 years old, I long for my 14-year-old self to come out. I am living a life that sometimes I wish I could turn back the time on but doing that would not have given me the life I have today or the mistakes I overcame.
At the age of 14, I never expected my life to be what it is or has been but YOU have to remember YOU control your actions and reactions. Always follow your heart and NOT your gut. If YOU want something-GO GET IT, only YOU, can hold yourself back. But remember be true to yourself. If YOU make a mistake or get into a bad situation-take ownership, learn from it and come back on top stronger and better than before.
YOU will always need your mom. She will become your best friend. Respect her, love her, cherish her, listen to her (she knows what’s she taking about) and most of all don’t turn your back on her because she won’t turn hers on YOU.
YOU need to Love yourself-your true self. Don’t let others tell YOU that your ugly, fat and that you should be dead. Your worth living life, your beautiful inside and out. Make sure to love food.  Food is not the enemy, it should never be the enemy.
Find a man who treats YOU like your dad treats your mom. Don’t settle for less than that. A man should never lay hands on YOU, a man should never call YOU names and a man should never treat children like that either. YOU need to get out and get out fast if they don’t treat YOU like your father treated your mom. YOU should be loved, spoiled and most importantly respected.
Always believe in yourself. I don’t care how bad YOU hate life YOU did it but believe that there is a higher grounds after the storms.
Love what YOU have to give to others. Be selfless because it will be worth it. Embrace your story because it can help others.
Promise me, YOU won’t take everything personal. Let things roll off your shoulders and don’t sweat the small stuff.
Micky, as dark as life gets, YOU will shine through. Your loved by many and your heart is so big that it can endure pain, loss and helplessness. Ask for help because sometimes YOU can’t do it alone and YOU are never alone. YOU have a family that’s going to be there no matter what happens because you’re in it together.
Never turn back time, never imagine turning back time because the life your about to face is the life that was meant exactly for YOU. YOU are a strong, brave, selfless and loving person. Life is a journey so strap in and enjoy the ride because YOU control it.


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